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Ways we support our clients

Ways we support our clients

The last year has been so hard for everyone, but here are some ways we have tried to give our clients the support they are looking for as they tackle challenges due to coronavirus.

  1. Being there for our clients by listening and offering advice:

Our practice as a whole is making sure that we’re talking to all of our clients. We’re finding every single possible way to ensure that their businesses can survive the next 18 months.

Basic and common-sense measures are needed, but it’s not always the case that they’re in place.

So we’ve always ensured our clients have mobile contact numbers throughout lockdown and switched the landlines over to them so clients have been able to get in touch with us.

Accountants are used to working in offices. However, what’s called for is a whole change in environment.

It’s unchartered territory for us all but being able to help clients provides a good feeling during these troubling times.

2) Clients need help with knowledge of the government schemes

Many schemes have been put in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of which have caveats attached.

We’ve even had non-clients contact us because of our streamlined advice on social media.

We’ve offered telephone support so if clients are struggling processing grant applications or help with accounts to access a loan, we’ve been there for them when needed.

We have taken an advisory role when the seriousness of coronavirus became clear.

3) Enable home working for you and your clients

Being in the cloud has made the change to working from home seamless. It means the outbreak had almost had no effect on what work we can do.

All that’s needed for cloud software is some kind of computing device. For most practices, this might be a laptop, but it could just as easily be a tablet computer. Of course, a standard desktop computer can also be used.

The technology that’s in place today means we and our clients have the tools to keep moving. And we can maintain social distancing too.

We have the automation tools there ready and waiting. Documents can be generated electronically and distributed electronically.

  1. Help in the short term and look to the future

Practices are likely seeing high client demand for short-term guidance. Much of this in reality is non-revenue generating but there’s never been a more important time to be responsive to client demands.

There’s obviously an immediate need to help clients keep trading and to reassure them.

Clients need help with the pressure on working capital and relationships. They need help with forecasting cash flow.

The first thing has to be creating a cash flow forecast to ensure clients can see what gaps they may have. Then they can work out how to fill it – for example, via loans, upfront payments, or diversifying.

Conclusion on supporting our clients

The concept of a trusted adviser has never been more relevant. As our clients seek guidance during difficult times we want to be here to offer support to help their businesses keep moving is vital.

By going the extra mile to provide the assistance that our clients – both existing and new – require at this time, we hope that not only will we be helping them to get through times of uncertainty, we’ll also give your practice the best opportunity to keep thriving both now and in the future.