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Jodies Dog Rehoming

Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming

Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming is a Charity that rehomes as many dogs as possible they rescue dogs that are starving, abused or abandoned and they rehome them. Hollies Bookkeeping prepare their accounts, file their accounts with the Charity Commission and also do their payroll.

Micro Video

Microvideo Shrewsbury

Microvideo Shrewsbury provides a complete service from capture through to distribution. They are specialists in HD multi camera event recording, studio editing and DVD/CD duplication, live video relay and satellite streaming services (projection), event project and resource management, (engineers, sound, audio technicians, hardware and software technicians). They have an extensive range of HD video and audio equipment. Hollies Bookkeeping Services does their Payroll and processes their […]

Stiperstones Monastry

Stiperstones Monastery

Stiperstones Monastery is a hermitage within the Romanian jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church, high up in the South-west Shropshire hills. Situated at 1,273 ft, under the Shepherd’s Rock, on the eastern slopes of the Stiperstones. Hollies Bookkeeping does an annual gift aid submission for them, prepares their accounts and does their annual charity commission.

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Affinity Homecare

Affinity homecare specialise in non-medical care of older people in their own homes, ensuring freedom to stay at home where happiness and comfort prevails. We have been doing a 4 week payroll, using a simple accounting system with them and monitoring their staff holidays Affinity Homecare since January.