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Direct Marketing

If you make direct contact with your existing and potential customers throughout your work, and to promote your products or services, then you use Direct Marketing. This is a form of marketing that allows you to target people in a way that is personal to the individual. It is both cost effective and powerful, and ideal for small business.

 A range of direct marketing strategies can be used, including:

All of these, and more, give plenty of opportunities to reach your target market.

If you work in Direct Marketing and run this business from home, and you are paid on a commission basis, this means you are drawing an income. With this in mind, you should be registered as Self Employed and complete a self assessment every year.

 With the use of direct marketing, customers can be specifically targeted, allowing limited resources to be focused on the most likely results. A clear, call to action, direct marketing campaign not only helps to boost sales from existing customers, but also increases new business and can recapture old customers. With results needing to be measured and evaluated, direct marketing allows for this analysis, showing clearly which target group provided the best response.

For a good direct marketing campaign to work, the choice of communication method is vital. Ensure that a customers preference of communication method is taken into account before starting a campaign. With direct marketing allowing small business owners the ability to remove the middle man from a promotion campaign, the companys message is delivered directly to the consumer. With this in mind, it is essential that each target group of potential and existing customers are considered, and that the direct marketing method to be used is adapted to suit each one.