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P11D deadline July 6

Self-Assessment deadline moved to end of February

Incase you hadn’t heard the news and are still either putting off your self-assessment or frantically trying to get things together to file, the Self-Assessment deadline has ‘effectively’ moved to the end of February. The Government has announced that late payment penalties are to be waived for one month. They are still encouraging everyone to aim to file by January 31, 2022. But people won’t be […]

SEISS: What you must do to claim the fourth and fifth Self Employed Income Support Scheme grants

In its 2021 Budget, the government announced not only the amount of the fourth grant for the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS), but also that a fifth and final grant for the period from May to September 2021. HMRC is introducing new measures to determine eligibility for those claiming an SEISS grant if they haven’t already claimed. You need to accept a phone call from […]


Why completing your self-assessment before Christmas is a priority

Completing your self assessment before Christmas is a priority, but every years it’s one that a lot us leave til after the new year. Every year, over a quarter of people due to file a self-assessment tax return complete it in the final 4 days before the 31st January deadline. And 5% of returns are filed in the final 24 hours. However, leaving it to […]


A guide to the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

The Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) is a temporary scheme set up by the government to help self-employed people. It was initially set up for three months, but it may be extended, to help the self-employed survive the coronavirus pandemic. While you’ll still owe Income Tax and National Insurance on any money you get through the SEISS, it’s a grant rather than a loan. This […]

Guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers

Guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers

We’ve all been there and most of us have even fallen for a scam email or text two, so HMRC just updated its guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers. Scam emails pretending to be any number of companies to get you to input information, which is then used fraudulently against you, are on the rise. Official sounding emails Hackers are clever people who know […]

Do I need a bookkeeper or an accountant?

Updating Bookkeeping and Accounting Records

Every business should be regularly updating bookkeeping and accounting records, so business leaders can make the right decision with the figures and future of the business. Without updated books, any decision regarding product lines, pricing or customer capacity is really just a guess! Here are some big benefits of updating bookkeeping and accounting records on a regular basis and some tips to get you started with […]