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TPR name and shame

TPR are warning employers that if they ignore TPR penalties their business’ reputation could be seriously harmed. TPR are trying to maintain a tough approach towards employers who are trying to get away with not giving their staff the pensions that they are due. TPR are going to publish the details of those business’ that have paid their Escalating Penalty Notice (EPN) but who are […]

VAT investigation

HMRC regards cash traders as a high risk for underpaying VAT, and they are usually targeted by special teams. Many HMRC visits focus on mainly Cafés and restaurants. HMRC’s computers usually detect businesses that are paying less VAT than similar businesses in the same trade or region. HMRC has the power to asses tax from the last 20 years if an officer thinks that the […]

Goodbye to Charlotte and Di

Recently both Charlotte and Di have left Hollies Bookkeeping. All the team are going to miss them greatly, not just for all the hard work that they have put in but because they always kept spirits high. Everyone at the office is wishing them the best and we are hoping that they are very successful in their new jobs. A big thank you goes out to […]

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Construction Industry Scheme Accounting Expertise.

We are now Xero Certified Bookkeepers!!

For a while now we have been looking at the different types of “Cloud Accounting” out there.  Having taken on board comments from some of our clients that having a system that we can do all of the work on and that they can then log in to and run reports made us start to think about what additional bookkeeping support we could offer.  Julie […]

Self Assessment Deadline Looming!

This is a busy time of year for all of us, following the Christmas holidays we all have to get back into work when the days are dark and the clouds are grey. Don’t let that post holiday hiatus lead you into problems with the tax man though. The tax man waits for no one! The paper submission date has long passed, so by midnight Sunday […]