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How much money should I set aside to pay my personal tax bill?

How much money should I set aside to pay my personal tax bill?

Once you’ve been working for yourself for a while and have started to make a bit of money, you might think to yourself ‘how much money should I set aside to pay my personal tax bill?’ This is a great mindset to be in if you already are! One of the most manageable ways to handle your tax bill is to put some money aside […]

Guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers

Guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers

We’ve all been there and most of us have even fallen for a scam email or text two, so HMRC just updated its guidance on how to spot HMRC scammers. Scam emails pretending to be any number of companies to get you to input information, which is then used fraudulently against you, are on the rise. Official sounding emails Hackers are clever people who know […]

VAT change building construction

Major VAT change for building and construction sector

A major change in the way that VAT is accounted for in the building and construction sector which will take effect later this year may cause chaos. The warning comes from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) which says that the VAT domestic reverse charge for building and construction services, which applies from 1 October 2019 is an anti-fraud measure. Invoicing and VAT returns It […]

are you eligible for marriage allowance

Are you eligible for Marriage Allowance?

HMRC has admitted it overestimated the number of people claiming the Marriage Allowance last year so are you eligible? In a publication released in June 2018, HMRC said more than 3 million couples were benefitting from the tax break. But revised figures released this month show that the real number is fewer than 2 million, meaning that many are still missing out! What is the […]

hiring a bookkeeper improves your health

Hiring a Bookkeeper improves your health

It has actually been proven that hiring a bookkeeper improves your health! Yes, you heard us right! And we are going to tell you how and why! Getting help with your books might not be something you have given much thought to as ways to improve your health and lifestyle go. But speaking to our clients, they often tell us the last thing they want […]

hhow to become self employed

How to become self-employed

If you are wondering how to become self-employed, here are six questions to ask before you take the freelancing plunge. Becoming self-employed is a dream for many of us – even us here at The Hollies Bookkeeping in Shropshire! The benefits include working your own hours, fitting your job around your lifestyle and being your own boss. Generally, it’s a lot more flexible than working […]